Non Invasive Body Contouring

This morning I woke up wanting to eat french toast… And while, I don’t eat it regularly, I indulge profusely when I give myself the luxury of eating what I want, as long as it’s not excessive. Just as I was going to take that first bite, a friend called me to complain about how overweight she is and how awful that makes her feel. The truth is that how we look and feel in terms of our weight has a direct impact on our self esteem, and hence the quality of our lives.
But with so many alternatives out there, what is the best way to get back in shape? Well the answer is specific to each person, but to me there is no substitute for a treatment plan that incorporates lifestyle and nutritional changes. Even if you decide to surgically remove the excess fat, if you fail to adjust your lifestyle, you will eventually end up gaining the weight again. New theories agree that the number of fat cells is not static, but rather is adjusted by numerous mechanisms in our bodies, to achieve homeostasis.
Among the non-invasive fat reduction techniques or combination of techniques are cool sculpting, radio frequency, focused ultrasound, infrared, laser, and more. The ones that are based on heat, basically provide benefits by increasing collagen, by enhancing blood circulation and draining fatty acid deposits to the lymphatic system, and by fatty acid dissolution and heat induced fat cell apoptosis (death). In the case, of coolsculpting, while the mechanism of action is not 100% fully elucidated, it eliminates fat by cooling adipocytes. While none of these can replace surgery, they are effective for those who are looking for non invasive procedures, and who are not obese. Touch ups maybe required after the initial treatment.
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Fireworks, Independence Day, and Oxygen

One of my favorite days of the year is the Fourth of July. Not only is it an excuse to just relax and not think about anything, but it also reminds me of all the experience, knowledge, and hard work accumulated throughout the years that we all need to go through to get to where we now are in our lives. To me, it is a celebration of making our dreams real and the freedom to do so. That freedom is the oxygen of the soul.
While it is a little bit of a stretch, taking care of ourselves also requires a lot of hard work and discipline to free ourselves from disease and remain in optimal health. I strongly believe in a holistic approach, where wellness and beauty start from within. So today, I wanted to continue our discussion on the skin care revolution by going over one of my favorite treatments in my arsenal… and that is oxygen.
Well, oxygen is a fundamental nutrient. It not only heals, cleanses, and detoxifies, but it is also anti-inflammatory and vaso-constricting. Lack of oxygen can cause inflammation, can affect the growth of blood vessels, can impair cell function, and more. In my office, we use oxygen to treat rosacea and redness, acne, hyper pigmentation, among others. It is the treatment of choice for sensitive skin. Immediately after an oxygen facial, my clients feel that cleansing effect. While there are other treatments that can be used for hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea, I particularly like the results I get after an oxygen treatment.
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Uneven Pigmentation In Our Bodies

While I was going to write about women’s month today, I decided to write about pigmentation in other parts of our bodies besides the face… And yes, as a woman, I enjoy all the congratulations, but deep down, congratulating me for being a woman is almost like congratulating me for being alive and being a person. Yes, I’ve worked hard and dealt with advantages and disadvantages, but I call that human. And yes there’s the break from work due to maternity leave, but there’s also the miracle of life; so when you congratulate me because you want to make something right that had not been acknowledged, I hate to disagree and tell you that it’s not necessary. I’ve always loved being in my skin…
dark night with tree, full moon
Anyway, back to my topic. Uneven pigmentation can result in other areas of the body like the groin, underarms, among others. These many times result from trauma to the skin, such as in the case of wax, friction, tight clothes, but also hormones. And yes we can “bleach” it. Bleaching the skin is not adding a detergent, like when we do the laundry, it is basically exfoliating the skin with the use of a chemical peel. In my case, I prefer to repeat the treatment many times, as opposed to doing one intensive session. While these can have good results, dealing with what’s causing the unevenness is important to prevent it from happening again. The peel that I use varies with the area of the body and the person, but there are many options to choose from. For best results, it is important to understand how that particular area reacts in terms of sensitivity and exfoliation.
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Making Magic

Everyday when I wake up, I try to do so with an open mind ready for the new possibilities that that day will present to us. And just like reseting our computers are key to make them work properly, waking up with a clean slate is key to maintaining that freshness and curiosity that allows us to get rid of that anxiety and feeling of overwhelm, letting us stay on track.

Well, I would like to apply this to our skin and wellness routines. Many times my clients come to my office with pigmentation from melasma, coupled with feeling loaded with futile attempts that have cost them precious time and money. Unfortunately, melasma takes time and discipline and commitment to a routine. While, we many times want to make magic, believe it or not magic may require work and time. So next time you try to manifest an even pigmentation, think vitamins, nutrition, products on your skin, treatments, and last but not least, making sure your are compliant with your after care requirements. Regarding treatments, we try to avoid harsh treatments. We usually start with scheduling several peels, coupled with microneedle or light fractional radiofrequency treatments. In the case of melasma, while we can’t control our hormones, we can affect how are skin reacts to these, and, yes, we can help and improve it, but it’s a long road ahead and it never goes away.


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Do You Have A Continuous Shine?

Now that summer is getting closer, some clients are starting to get that shine again. And while the shine is not welcomed, it usually comes with other accompaniments such as greasy skin, oil build up, breakouts, enlarged pores, acne scars, and more…


There are many reasons behind this, starting with overactive sebaceous glands, as well as environmental pollutants and dirt that can get trapped by oil in the pores and cause those blackheads. To make matters worse, bacteria can get trapped, resulting in acne. Unfortunately this affects both men and women, specially men given their thicker skin, excess sebum production, and  day to day grooming regime, which by stripping natural oils from the skin, signals the skin to produce more oil. Hormones are a big culprit behind this too, specially when under stress.

Portrait of a smiling young woman without makeup


However, not all is bad…Oily skin gives us increased protection against the harmful U/V rays and burns less than drier skin types. Oily skin gets less wrinkles and ages at a slower rate. The solution is to keep that oil in check.


So what should we watch out for? To keep that sebum production in check we should find ways to manage stress, eat healthy and drink lots of water, Why? Because there are some foods that will cause our sebaceous glands to produce more oils and because by drinking water we keep our bodies hydrated and help ourselves get rid of those toxins. There are also treatments and products that can help.

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Clearing it up: To Extract or not

When my son’s friend came to visit him recently, I couldn’t help but notice the scars on his skin. Of course I had to bite my tongue to not say anything, but teen acne and acne in general is a major concern for many of us and rightly so, because those pimples can result in scars and pigmentation. In the case of teens, these can even cause them to withdraw from social activities, including social media.


Extracting acne lesions from the skin without creating damage is key, but however there is a fine line. Too much pressure and leaving bacteria behind can cause bruising, more scars, and it can leave the problem unresolved. Furthermore, not all acne is the same. For example, some is caused by constant pressure, friction or trauma, such as when using the phones. In this case, an adequate professional treatment coupled with good home care can probably resolve the problem. Whereas in the case of pseudofolliculitis barbae, caused by hair, we may need to extract and use salicylic or other chemical at the office depending on the skin and even the climate.

There’s really no simple solution, since as always many variables are involved and  no one size fits all treatment exists. It is really the client’s skin that should dictate the best approach. As always, call Med Aesthetics Miami for more information and remember…”Our Promise Is More Than Beauty”.

Making It Big in 2018

During our last days of an ending year, we all start analyzing our lives looking at our accomplishments versus our unfinished business and, as a new year begins, we usually make resolutions that will help us complete our stories. Well 2018 at Med Aesthetics Miami, is no different.

This year we have decided to enhance our body sculpting services. Why? Because “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty” and body sculpting is key to our well being. Many times we are doing the right things, but we still can not get the results we want, such as clearing up that cellulite, losing those extra inches, resurfacing those wrinkles, and shrinking that skin that we can pinch.

NEW YEAR NEW START motivational message, inspirational quotes for the New Year resolution in fitness weight loss. Happy woman with arms up in success winning at the sky for new life challenge.

To help you in your goals, we are now bringing unipolar and bipolar radio frequency, as well as focused ultrasound technology. In the past, others appealed to cavitation and similar technologies. However, I prefer this new technology. In the case of body contouring, it is a non invasive, no downtime treatment that delivers concentrated energy to generate heat and friction resulting in volumetric contraction without unwanted side effects. In the case of stretch marks, the pixel technology is amazing.

However, these achievements come at a price… and that is that we have to make the correct lifestyle choices. And, yes while these treatments are for those who make the right choices, these must be maintained. As with most body contouring goals, making it happen will depend on our abilities to stick to our roadmap: sleeping well, drinking adequate amounts of water, eating healthy, and exercising. While this may sound cliche, they are easier said than done and require discipline. So this takes us to our initial blog, “Many Legs To A Stool”; where we discussed how everything is intertwined and there are many variables involved in successful treatments.

Best Wishes in 2018! And call us at Med Aesthetics Miami 305-356-7402, to help you design your plan…please remember “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty”.