Non Invasive Body Contouring

This morning I woke up wanting to eat french toast… And while, I don’t eat it regularly, I indulge profusely when I give myself the luxury of eating what I want, as long as it’s not excessive. Just as I was going to take that first bite, a friend called me to complain about how overweight she is and how awful that makes her feel. The truth is that how we look and feel in terms of our weight has a direct impact on our self esteem, and hence the quality of our lives.
But with so many alternatives out there, what is the best way to get back in shape? Well the answer is specific to each person, but to me there is no substitute for a treatment plan that incorporates lifestyle and nutritional changes. Even if you decide to surgically remove the excess fat, if you fail to adjust your lifestyle, you will eventually end up gaining the weight again. New theories agree that the number of fat cells is not static, but rather is adjusted by numerous mechanisms in our bodies, to achieve homeostasis.
Among the non-invasive fat reduction techniques or combination of techniques are cool sculpting, radio frequency, focused ultrasound, infrared, laser, and more. The ones that are based on heat, basically provide benefits by increasing collagen, by enhancing blood circulation and draining fatty acid deposits to the lymphatic system, and by fatty acid dissolution and heat induced fat cell apoptosis (death). In the case, of coolsculpting, while the mechanism of action is not 100% fully elucidated, it eliminates fat by cooling adipocytes. While none of these can replace surgery, they are effective for those who are looking for non invasive procedures, and who are not obese. Touch ups maybe required after the initial treatment.
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Fireworks, Independence Day, and Oxygen

One of my favorite days of the year is the Fourth of July. Not only is it an excuse to just relax and not think about anything, but it also reminds me of all the experience, knowledge, and hard work accumulated throughout the years that we all need to go through to get to where we now are in our lives. To me, it is a celebration of making our dreams real and the freedom to do so. That freedom is the oxygen of the soul.
While it is a little bit of a stretch, taking care of ourselves also requires a lot of hard work and discipline to free ourselves from disease and remain in optimal health. I strongly believe in a holistic approach, where wellness and beauty start from within. So today, I wanted to continue our discussion on the skin care revolution by going over one of my favorite treatments in my arsenal… and that is oxygen.
Well, oxygen is a fundamental nutrient. It not only heals, cleanses, and detoxifies, but it is also anti-inflammatory and vaso-constricting. Lack of oxygen can cause inflammation, can affect the growth of blood vessels, can impair cell function, and more. In my office, we use oxygen to treat rosacea and redness, acne, hyper pigmentation, among others. It is the treatment of choice for sensitive skin. Immediately after an oxygen facial, my clients feel that cleansing effect. While there are other treatments that can be used for hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea, I particularly like the results I get after an oxygen treatment.
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Saving Your Skin From Pollution

Did you know that according to some sources pollution kills more people than HIV and malaria, and has been linked to lung or heart disease, and strokes? Their analysis is based on the fact that traffic pollution contains nanoparticles that can penetrate the skin, such as nitrogen dioxide, linked to cancer. Furthermore, these can cause wrinkles, irritate our skin, and result in a breakdown of our skin barrier. And while we think our homes are free from pollution, we can also be exposed to dust mites, pollen, pet dander, mold, radon, allergens, carbon dioxide and more. While I did not do the research myself, it does make sense that we take some precautions.

So while there are treatments that can help that we perform in our offices, such as microcurrent, gentle enzymes, and more, there are routines and products that can help us in our daily lives. For example, double cleanse at night, and make sure you include an oil or cream based product to remove makeup; use a toner to re-establish that Ph; protect your skin by not overexfoliating; use mineral cosmetics on top of your sunscreen for extra protection during the day; and last but not least, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Some topical ingredients that can help are Vitamin E, Vitamin C, copper, selenium ,manganese, and iron.

While my goal is not to scare people, protecting your skin now can result in many more years of healthy, beautiful, skin. For more information, call us at 305-356-7402 or email us at Please remember, “Our Promise Is More Than Beauty”.


In today’s business landscape, it’s easy to lose sight of your destination and start looking at what others are doing. This translates from trying to be present in your work to looking at your competitors and worrying about what they’re doing. Well, in my case, I like to think that I can only provide my best results when I use my talents to the max and when I believe in what I do. In other words, by being the best I can be, I not only provide a better service to my clients, but I am more at peace and fulfilled with myself. This alignment is simply magical… So how is that related to hirsutism? It isn’t…just food for thought.

But back to our topic, today I wanted to mention a few medical conditions that can result in excessive hair growth in women such that it resembles male hair patterns, or hirsutism. Of course, the number one in my list are hormones. However, there is also a possibility that the hair follicle is causing it by overreacting to a normal level of androgens resulting in excessive hair growth. Among the most common related hormonal disorders, I start by mentioning adrenal gland dysfunction. Many clients are born with this condition and present acne and/or hair loss in the scalp. Cushing’s Syndrome, which results when the body undergoes consistently high levels of cortisol for a long time due to stress, dysfunction, or medications. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, which prevents the ovaries from releasing an egg. The last one in my list are Tumors. Tumors in the ovaries, the adrenal or the pituitary glands may cause an increase in male hormones and consequently in unwanted hair. Whenever there is an excess of unwanted hair as described above, it is always advisable to check with your doctor to make sure all is well.

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Spring Into Full Bloom

April to me is a month of youth. It welcomes the Spring, season where the flowers bloom and the birds hatch. It reminds me to stay present in the moment, and smell the roses, because as hectic as it can get, by taking time to smell the roses we actually become more creative and efficient in our processes.

But back to skin, today I wanted to talk about hormones: in particular, estrogen. Estrogen is naturally produced by both men and women and has a great impact on the skin. It helps us maintain our reproductive system, heal our skin, and protect our bones. As we age, and estrogen levels decline, the skin tends to become more dry, fragile, and loose. Loss of estrogen is a major cause of sagging, dry skin in women after 40. On the opposite end of the spectrum, when estrogen levels are high, we can suffer from melasma. If estrogen is not metabolized properly, we can get breast cancer, or help trigger endometriosis, which can affect the skin by making it more oily and hyperpigmented.

What this implies in terms of skin treatments is that we need to cater them to address these hormonal fluctuations. For example, as we age and estrogen levels decline, we still want anti-aging treatments that give us a refreshed look, but that don’t cause irritation in a now more sensitive skin. In this case, 95ABBD6EE2FA41D18BA1213080B49C12, a gentler derivative of Vitamin A may be preferred to Retin-A, for example.

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Making Magic

Everyday when I wake up, I try to do so with an open mind ready for the new possibilities that that day will present to us. And just like reseting our computers are key to make them work properly, waking up with a clean slate is key to maintaining that freshness and curiosity that allows us to get rid of that anxiety and feeling of overwhelm, letting us stay on track.

Well, I would like to apply this to our skin and wellness routines. Many times my clients come to my office with pigmentation from melasma, coupled with feeling loaded with futile attempts that have cost them precious time and money. Unfortunately, melasma takes time and discipline and commitment to a routine. While, we many times want to make magic, believe it or not magic may require work and time. So next time you try to manifest an even pigmentation, think vitamins, nutrition, products on your skin, treatments, and last but not least, making sure your are compliant with your after care requirements. Regarding treatments, we try to avoid harsh treatments. We usually start with scheduling several peels, coupled with microneedle or light fractional radiofrequency treatments. In the case of melasma, while we can’t control our hormones, we can affect how are skin reacts to these, and, yes, we can help and improve it, but it’s a long road ahead and it never goes away.


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Do You Have A Continuous Shine?

Now that summer is getting closer, some clients are starting to get that shine again. And while the shine is not welcomed, it usually comes with other accompaniments such as greasy skin, oil build up, breakouts, enlarged pores, acne scars, and more…


There are many reasons behind this, starting with overactive sebaceous glands, as well as environmental pollutants and dirt that can get trapped by oil in the pores and cause those blackheads. To make matters worse, bacteria can get trapped, resulting in acne. Unfortunately this affects both men and women, specially men given their thicker skin, excess sebum production, and  day to day grooming regime, which by stripping natural oils from the skin, signals the skin to produce more oil. Hormones are a big culprit behind this too, specially when under stress.

Portrait of a smiling young woman without makeup


However, not all is bad…Oily skin gives us increased protection against the harmful U/V rays and burns less than drier skin types. Oily skin gets less wrinkles and ages at a slower rate. The solution is to keep that oil in check.


So what should we watch out for? To keep that sebum production in check we should find ways to manage stress, eat healthy and drink lots of water, Why? Because there are some foods that will cause our sebaceous glands to produce more oils and because by drinking water we keep our bodies hydrated and help ourselves get rid of those toxins. There are also treatments and products that can help.

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